CRY The Blackened Soul Hack Unlimited Gems Gold

CRY_The Blackened Soul Hack Tool

This game is an action RPG that Eyedentity has just published on the android and iOS devices. The story of this game tells of a time when the gods turned crazy and slaughtered humans. The era of peace ended and was replaced by the agony one. There are a lot of people that were massacred by the gods. Humans became infuriating and hateful , there is no longer mercy in the heart, they sold their souls to the devils. With demonic power, you wander the world to kill all the gods. It’s really an interesting storyline but there are many difficulties waiting for you. To enjoy it easily without spending money, you can use our CRY The Blackened Soul Hack version 2.0 for android and iOS platforms.

Why you need this CRY The Blackened Soul Hack

Gems and Gold are the main in-app items that you will need a lot of them to play. To have enough strength to defeat the gods, you have to use Gold to upgrade your weapons as better as you can. In the Shop section, there are many chests with powerful weapons and military accesories that you can buy them with Gems. So, if you have a lot of resources, you will be stronger and easy to win in the battles. Our CRY The Blackened Soul Hack can give you free both Gems and Gold. With this tool, just in a few minutes, you can have tons of precious items that their value can be up to thousands of dollars. You can use these resources to enhance your character and equip him many necessary things with highest level and grade, such as helmet, armor, sword, cloak, boots,..

This application was written seriously by a group of gamers and programmers who have spent a lot of their time in a day to study about games. The accuracy of these programs is very high and they update regularly with the new versions to correct errors promptly. It can operate smoothly on many mobile devices. You can use this tool on iphone, ipad or any android smartphones and haven’t to worry about any conflicts that can happen.

The process of downloading and installing this tool is very fast and simple. You don’t need to jailbreak or root your device to use this application.  It will take about 1, 2 minutes to download and instal completely on your device. Furthermore, its user interface is very friendly  ans easy to use, you can apply it soon and don’t need to study a lot.

Some characteristics about this CRY The Blackened Soul Hack Cheats Tool:

  • Generate unlimited Gems and Gold CRY The Blackened Soul (100% working)
  • No root or jailbreak
  • Highly anonymous
  • Check and fix regularly
  • Safe for your account with Smart Protection System

Download this application:


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CRY The Blackened Soul Gameplay, Tips and Cheats:

About the characters in this game:

There are three characters for you to select: Deimos (Demon Warrior), Eva (Shadow Mage) and Lucia (Mad Witch). Deimos is a warrior who gained the Demon’s arm by joining hands with Memphito. He’s full of hatred for corrupted gods. Eva is a cold-hearted sorcereress filled with dark shadows. In order to find the cursed sisters who went missing, she signed a contract with Memphito.Lucia is a girl who’s been in a contract with Memphito for a long time. She’s always with her demon-imbued doll, Larry.


  • You can move the character by tapping on the area and dragging your finger.
  • Tap the Attack button to attack. You can activate a Combo Attack by tapping continuously or holding down the Attack button.
  • Tap the Evade button to avoid enemy’s attack. You’re invincible while evading.
  • Tap the Skill button to use skills. There’s a cooldown for a skill.
  • Tap the Familiar button to summon Familiar. It uses various skills depending on its grade and type.