EvilBane Rise of Ravens Hack Unlimited Crysals Gold

EvilBane Rise of Ravens Hack Cheats Crystals Gold

All players who love this game can get free Crystals, Gold with our EvilBane Rise of Ravens Hack. Besides, you can use No Cooldown Skill to be stronger in battle.

Crystals are the rarest in-app items which you have to pay money to get. You can use Crystals to buy powerful gears which belong to rare or mythic grades; include  weapons, armors, accessories and cloaks . Or you can use Crystals to buy Gold, HP Portion, Stamina Portion. Gold can be used to combine with other items to level up your gears. To become a professional player of this game, you will need to spend a lot of money. Instead of that, you can use a more effective method with our EvilBane Rise of Ravens Hack. This tool will add immediately a large amount of Crystals and Gold to your account.

Moreover, No Cooldown is a special skill that will help you to enhance the combat capability a lot. With this aspect, you needn’t wait a period of time to recover, it means that you can use special attacks continuously.

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How to get free Crystals and Gold with this EvilBane Rise of Ravens Hack Cheats?

1. First, you need to play this game for about 3 minutes. This process is necessary so that your account will be connected to the game server.
2. Open this hack and it will proceed to read the data of this game and get the exact information about your account.
3. Provide my tool the amounts of Crystals and Gold that you want to add. You can also select No Cooldown option to enable it.
4. Tap on the blue button (named Start) and wait several minutes. This tool will make some adjustments on your account. When this action is completed, you will receive a success message: “Your account was added successfully!”.
5. Now, you can refresh or login again this game and enjoy the result.

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You can read the instructions how to unlock the hack by clicking the below button.

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About EvilBane Rise of Ravens

EvilBane Rise of Ravens is one of the most exciting action role-playing games in 2016. It have a touching story about patriotism. Ceroth Kingdom is in danger after 20 years they lived in peace. You will take a role of hero, the chosen Raven who own the mighty power of Heavenstone, raise to save everyone.

You have three characters to select: Luke, Vango and Khara. Each character have some strong aspects. Luke is a disciplined warrior who favors traditional combat tactics. His stats are equally balanced and he excels in most situations. Vango is a man with uncanny physical strength. He wipes out scores of enemies with slow but powerful attacks. Khara is very fast and accurate in combat. While her defense is lacking, her superior agility is highly lethal.

EvilBane Rise of Ravens Tips and Cheats

In this game, each gear falls into one of six grades: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Heroic, Legendary and Mythic. Common is weakest grade and Mythic is the strongest one. Besides, each gear can be leveled up from 1 to 30. The higher the level, the better the gear. When you level up a gear to level 30, you can combine it with Heavenstones to raise its grade. So, you should check your bag regularly to make your hero stronger.

EvilBane Rise of Ravens Hack Cheats - Adventure Mode

Adventure mode and Dugeon mode are the ideal places where you can get a lot of rewards. The result can be some gears or a couple of Crystals. You can use these items to improve your weapon, armor, accessories. Furthermore, you also get more experience points to level up your character. Adventure mode don’t permit you redo old stages but you can apply with Dungeon mode to become stronger easily everyday.

EvilBane Rise of Ravens Hack Cheats - Dungeon Mode

You can combine two gears to make a stronger one. In case that you don’t have Heavenstones. There is another way to upgrade your grears. Two level 30 pieces of gear at the same grade can be mixed into an other gear with higher grade.