Tips to unlock a hack you want easily


When you complete a survey successfully, the hack will be unlocked and you can download it.

Here are some tips:

There are three main types of surveys:

  • Email Submit (submit email)
  • Application Install (download and install a game or other application in Google Play or App Store)
  • Mobile Phone Pin Submit (receive an SMS code and submit)

Application Install is the eassiest. You only need to download and install an application or a game from Google Play or Apple Store (100% safe). You will receive the hack result after you install it.

Email Submit survey is easy to do. You need to submit your email in each survey. Use your current email or register a new email from hotmail; outlook; yahoo; gmail…, both cases are ok. But if you used an email in similar sites, try to make a new email is better (Remember if you make a new email, wait about 2 minutes or more before you start to use).  When you open a survey, just write your email and submit/enter. That is all. Of course, you can give more information if you like, such as your name, address,..

how to unlock 3

The successful rate of these email-submit surveys is about 40-50%, so you should do 2 email-submit. Just only one survey of them is successful, the hack will be unlocked automatically. Most of US surveys are Email Submit, this picture will instruct you how to do.


With Mobile Phone Submit survey , you need to submit a mobile phone number. Then you will receive a sms that have a  code (4 or 5 characters or numbers). Write that code in the survey and submit. That is all.